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Wear Sunscreen
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Mike Wisniewski To find Your talent - to make people feel better 🙂
James MacNeilLots going on with Jim Carrey right now, but he does have interesting things to say about living your dream life.

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Le Sandro The real revolution.
ॐ Collectively Conscious ॐRainn Wilson talks about the coming spiritual revolution that must happen in order for us to move forward as a human race.

Via Collective Evolution
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Mike Wisniewski #Bali #Spirituality #Awakening We might have the same and fifferent goals to travel or moove at the end of the world. To challenge outside. To conquer Yourself. For #selfdevelopment.
The trips, the travelling,
See More it just make your manifestation - visible much faster.

For me, it is training of responsibility, awareness. Knowing that every thought and emotion become more or less alive in manifested reality.

Training becomes a play of trying to download more and more positive thoughts, positive emotions into the mind-body-spirit process.

For most of us, including me, even it sounds easy to do, for me The Art is to believe that behind every corner there is somethin good. Not just believe, but to create (or just use the thoughts of creator because i dont create anythin) thoughts emotions like something good already happened.

This is all part of a Faith, thah many books mention in religions. But its very practical, nothin super #spiritual or religious to It 🙂

By the way..
And the things that didnt happened, also did not appear for our good:)See Less
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Joanna Gontier Mmm21.10.2017 at 12:22 pm
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